Junk + Yard Waste Disposal

Our Junk + Yard Waste COMBO category is the option that allows for both yard waste, bulky items and junk on one trailer, one reservation. Perfect for cleaning up the yard after the storm or removing some brush and getting rid of that old dresser, sofa or mattress at the same time!

What’s included?

How does it work?

1.  Select the date & time for the delivery
2.  Load the trailer during your rental period with accepted items
3.  We return to haul it away

What is accepted?

Grass Clippings


Branches & Limbs

Shrubs & Small Trees

Furniture, Mattress Sets, Bulky Items


Non-Toxic Metals

Gas and Charcoal Grills


Clothes and Fabrics


Cardboard and Packing Materials

Misc. Junk

 *Construction Debris (limited)

* Tires and Rims

+$5 / per

* TV’s and Monitors

+$20 / per

What is NOT accepted:

  • yard waste
  • dirt, rocks
  • hazardous waste
  • food waste
  • wet paints and stains
  • pesticides and chemicals
  • toxic metals (incl. fluorescent bulbs)
  • batteries
  • half loads or more of construction debris – see our Construction Debris only category


* Additional disposal fees for: 

  • TV’s & Monitors + $20 / per
  • Auto Tires & Rims + $5 / per


+1 (704) 601-6254

Charlotte, NC 28277