Construction & Renovation Debris Disposal

2UTrailer is the perfect solution for small to medium sized demolition and renovation projects. Whether you’re the DIYer or contractor, our on-demand delivery services provide you with a quick and convenient debris removal solution from 5-10 cubic yards. Our compact trailers with low sides and rear ramp for easy loading make 2UTrailer the best value in construction and demolition removal projects. Need a dumpster alternative? We can help manage your material waste throughout the duration of the project with recurring deliveries. 

What’s included?

How does it work?

1.  Select the date & time for the delivery
2.  Load the trailer during your rental period with accepted items
3.  We return to haul it away

What is accepted?

Lumber & Plywood

 * Shingles & Drywall

* Tile & Porcelain

* Concrete, Bricks, Pavers 

Carpet & Padding

Non-Toxic Metals

Doors, Windows & Glass

Furniture, Mattress Sets, Bulky Items

Gas and Charcoal Grills


Clothes and Fabrics


Cardboard and Packing Materials

Misc. Junk

* Tires and Rims

+$5 / per

* TV’s and Monitors

+$20 / per

What is NOT accepted:

  • yard waste
  • dirt, rocks
  • hazardous waste
  • food waste
  • wet paints and stains
  • pesticides and chemicals
  • toxic metals (incl. fluorescent bulbs)
  • batteries
  • half loads or more of construction debris – see our Construction Debris only category


* Additional disposal fees for: 

  • TV’s & Monitors + $20 / per
  • Auto Tires & Rims + $5 / per


+1 (704) 601-6254

Charlotte, NC 28277